Did I pick the wrong stream?

I know this is something every one feels during their two years of graduation degree, but this is my final semester and it is only now that I am seriously starting to question things. This semester has us overworked like anything, and on top of this the summer heat is only making things worse, but at the end of the day, after busy shoots and making some progress with our projects we go to bed, exhausted but with a sense of satisfaction; this feeling has never left me throughout the past three semesters, but there’s always this lingering question at the back of my head when I look at students from the other branch – ‘Media Studies’. For those of you who don’t know, the MA Communication Department of University of Hyderabad, decided to split the students into two branches – ‘Media Studies’ and ‘Media Practice’ the ones in Media Studies will entirely be dedicated to studying media in a more academic sense, whereas Media Practice students deal with the practical sense of the word ‘Media’ – for ex: Documentary making, Feature Writing, Short films, Scriptwriting etc.

When I took the stream I was a little confused between the both, but I was tired of my BA English days, where I had to analyze heavy texts and write papers upon papers on some bullshit that some poet or philosopher would’ve talked about, I decided that I had enough of these paper-writing and I want to put my mind into something more applicable in the real world.

And today, despite having the time of my life with this course, I often look at my peers in Media Studies and feel a tad bit envious about the exciting research work that they do.

Don’t know what the future holds in store for me, on one hand I am really digging the idea of getting into research, and on the other the thought of holding a camera and filming the most random-est of things excites me.

All things aside, I’ve got to focus on finishing my last month in this course, and judging by the amount of work that I have and the days that are left – it’s pretty evident, they are making us do 3 months of work in 30 days.

But that’s just part of learning the process of being a Media Person, I suppose.

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