2022 was a lot. Something that I no longer have any patience to go over, and neither will you dear reader, have the patience to read through.

But my therapist insisted that I make a habit of listing the good things first in any of my decisions, so I will mention the things that made 2022 worthwhile and will forever be grateful for:

  1. HCU.
  2. Team Marlboro, and Bandar Boys.
  3. Budweiser Magnum, Stellar Shift, Dunhill Silver, American Club.
  4. H-138.
  5. Varun’s scooty, Soori’s scooty.
  6. The girl with roll no. 37 from English Department.
  7. My Therapist.
  8. My close friends from EFLU, English Dept. Batch of 2015.
  9. Circles of Confusion – End Term Documentary film work.
  10. My Mother.

Best Regards,