Writing about HCU

When I moved in to the campus in February, I had three goals in mind – one was to make the most out of my course academically, the other was to make the most out of this campus within three months because I’d be graduating in June. The third one, I’d best not delve into. […]

Did I pick the wrong stream?

I know this is something every one feels during their two years of graduation degree, but this is my final semester and it is only now that I am seriously starting to question things. This semester has us overworked like anything, and on top of this the summer heat is only making things worse, but […]

Why Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ is a reminder that there is no artist like him in this generation

The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent lockdown impact on the world had left many media artists and live performers confused about their productivity within the confines of four walls; while many musicians, comedians, and filmmakers eventually adapted themselves to whatever technology had to offer to bring forth their art, some decided to either recede until […]


Call it Internet fatigue or whatever but the past few days on social media, particularly Instagram has led me to seriously question if I am normal. I am not much of an active user on Instagram, but whenever I am, for some reason I feel like it is stuck in a strange loop, it’s the […]

The blog is ‘official’ now. (I guess).

This post is just an attempt to restart my blog, I deleted my old posts because I wanted a fresh start. If you are one among my ten benevolent followers you might have noticed the slight change in the website address. You can now access this site directly by typing my name and adding a […]

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